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About Dr. Joseph Holifield, Ph.D.

Dr. Holifield has been a practicing clinician with over 25 years experience providing clinical assessment and individual therapy. He previously taught at Cal Poly and has worked with several school districts as a school psychologist. His experiences led to developing an expertise in executive functioning and memory coaching. In addition, Dr. Holifield has over 18 years experience in the area of Threat Assessment and is a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP). Dr. Holifield has delivered numerous presentations, workshops, and papers on the topics of clinical assessment, developmental psychopathology, memory, executive functioning, and threat assessment.


Areas of Specialization

  • Threat Assessment Consultation and Management
  • Certified Memory Interventionist
  • Assessment and Intervention of Executive Function Deficits
  • Study Strategies for Students


Individual, Group, and Program Performance

Individual and group outcomes are based on consistent application of strategies provided. These outcomes can be self-report, parent report, grade improvement, or structured psychological measurements. 

Program evaluation is geared towards examining progress of  grant-funded or specialized program progress over longer periods of time and with multiple objective measures. Such outcomes are used to guide agency policy, procedures, and inform research.

Group Study Strategies


Dr. Holifield has taken his years of teaching and advising college students, combined it with his expertise in executive functioning and memory, and developed a study strategies seminar for college students. The sessions are in a classroom format, rather a traditional group therapy approach.  Skills and strategies are introduced weekly with the opportunity to practice and apply the new skills to current coursework.

Individual ADHD Coaching


  • Are you disorganized? 
  • Do you have difficulty with planning?
  • Is it challenging to start and finish your work? 

Dr. Holifield provides individual coaching to help you organize, plan, and follow-through with your work or activities. Whether a student or an adult, sessions are individually curtailed to adjust to the areas that may be impacted, such as course content, work productivity, or job performance.  


Threat Assessment Consultation


For the past two decades, Dr. Holifield has conducted threat assessments in school districts in California. He has assisted in designing and revising district threat assessment procedures and board policies.In addition, Dr. Holifield has consulted with agencies who serve persons with developmental disabilities on specific cases related to threatening behavior. Recently, Dr. Holifield designed and applied for an Innovation Grant for San Luis Obispo County through the Mental Health Services Act of California. The grant  focuses on developing a community-based Threat Assessment System among Educational Institutions, Law Enforcement and Behavioral Health Agencies. 

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